OptimX partners with Terrapin to deliver additional cost savings to clients

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OptimX partners with Terrapin to deliver additional cost savings to clients

Both OptimX and Terrapin were founded with the objective of helping clients boost performance by saving money. Together we have considerable experience in data analytics and in financial market trading and investment. Ongoing price rises and pressure on margins has driven firms to seek new avenues for cost savings. Our collaboration strengthens our ability to deliver value to clients at a time of increasing focus on costs.

We are seeing increasing demand from clients to identify and deliver cost savings in opaque financial markets, so it made sense to work with an innovative market data provider, such as Terrapin. Providing our clients access to Terrapin’s reference and pricing data for over 1.7 million global debt instruments will further help our clients reduce risk and boost performance. Terrapin’s strength in machine learning adds a further dimension to our ability to identify efficiency improvements.

Tim Dier – Founder of OptimX

We are delighted to partner with OptimX, who are a trusted advisor to c-suites when they use financial products. OptimX’s decades of financial market trading and investing experience broadens the application and relevance of our reference and pricing data. Their relentless focus on helping clients save money complements our ability to deliver cost effective high quality data solutions.

About OptimX

OptimX helps clients save money and boost performance when using financial products. They help improve trading and hedging strategies and achieve better pricing through renegotiation. Through a powerful combination of industry expertise and data analytics, OptimX discreetly identifies areas for potential cost savings, proposes tailored solutions, and implements more sustainable outcomes. OptimX’s independent and unbiased approach helps achieve real savings without the need for operational overhaul or suboptimal outsourcing. OptimX also provides monitoring to ensure ongoing value from counterparty relationships.


About Terrapin

Terrapin Finance was founded by a multi-asset fund manager and machine learning PhD duo with a shared desire to improve the transparency and accessibility of financial markets, particularly those dominated by large financial institutions. Having worked at the highest levels of finance and technology in the UK, they are able to bring the best of both worlds into a space where rigour, focus, and diligence are paramount.



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