What we do

We combine knowledge and experience with innovative technology to identify and optimise costs, all without you having to add new resources.

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OptimX approach

Adding alpha through high-performance execution requires a continuous process of refinement and targeted simplification across value chains.

We oversee the full cost optimisation lifecycle on your behalf. From reviewing existing arrangements through to deploying solutions. We have a proven track record of achieving better and more sustainable outcomes for all parties.

Our augmented approach also benefits from an effective virtuous circle: your team witness tangible gains first-hand, fostering a culture of cost optimisation which in turn further compounds returns to your bottom line.

Services include

  • FX hedging
  • Cash management
  • Margin optimisation
  • Commission renegotiation
  • Counterparty management
  • Analytics

    We use rigorous data analytics to identify areas for potential cost savings and to measure ongoing performance.

  • Optimisation

    A collaborative approach is taken to identify and deploy targeted solutions to improve performance with minimal operational effort.

  • Execution

    No outsourcing nightmares - you retain control and oversight whilst strengthening your counterparty relationships.